North Central Regional Climate Activities and Directory
North Central Regional Climate Activities and Directory

Indiana (Purdue University)

Research Overview

Several collaborative efforts and individual investigator led projects support the creation of knowledge to in understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change in the Central Region.  Programs probe for understanding of multi-scale changes in climate using innovative studies that range in scope from soil, water, atmospheric systems, and local environments through regional and global scales and cover spectrum of important horticultural and agronomic important crops and ecosystems.  Connectivity among individual investigator initiatives and multistate projects are facilities through participation in The Purdue Climate Change Research Center (PCCRC).  The Center brings together researchers with diverse complementary interest to address the challenges and complexities of climate and related global change. Research teams are exploring the causes and impacts of climate change, improving predictive models to project future climate conditions, and pursuing novel ideas for mitigation and adaptation.

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Laura Bowling

Department of Agronomy

765 49-48051

Research Interests: Watershed hydrology, hydroclimatology, hydrology of extreme events, GIS and remote sensing


Sylvie Brouder

Department of Agronomy

765 49-61489

Research Interests: Carbon and nitrogen cycling, soil sequestration, greenhouse gas emission, and water quality impacts of intensively and extensively managed agriculture


Indrajeet Chaubey

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

765 49-41162

Research Interests: Impact of land use and land management on ecohydrology and water quality


Keith Cherkauer

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

765 49-67982

Research Interests: Hydroclimatology, flooding, drought, modeling, observations


Otto Doering

Department of Agricultural Economics

Public policy specialist on economic issues affecting agriculture, natural resources, and energy

765 49-44226


Jeff Dukes

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

765 49-41446

Research Interests: Terrestrial ecosystem responses, terrestrial ecosystem feedbacks, invasive species, biodiversity, biofuels


SongLin Fei

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

765 49-62199

Research Interests: Ecosystem dynamic and modeling, invasive species modeling and surveillance, and biometrics and spatial analysis


Jane Frankenberger

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

765 49-41194

Research Interests: Watershed management and TMDLs in agricultural watersheds, and water and nitrate flux to subsurface drainage tiles.   The role of drainage water management and role in conserving water in the early growing season. 


Kevin Gibson

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology


Research Interests: Integrated weed management and impact on management systems that increase the competitive ability of crops, reduce the need for herbicide inputs, and provide sustainable weed control in agronomic and vegetable crops.


Ben Gramig

Department of Agricultural Economics

Research Interests: Emissions offsets, ecosystem services, bio-energy, adaptation, mitigation


Rich Grant

Department of Agronomy

765 49-48048

Research Interests: Greenhouse gas emissions, micrometeorological flux measurements, land surface emissions, agricultural emissions


Tomas Höök

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

Research Interests: Great Lakes ecology and fisheries; Aquatic ecosystem responses to climate change and other stressors


Tom Hertel

Department of Agricultural Economics

765 49-44199

Research Interests: Economic consequences of climate impacts on agriculture as well as land-based mitigation policies


Eileen Kladivko

Department of Agronomy

765 49-46372

Research Interests: Cover crops and drainage water management that aids crops to become more productive amid variable weather and climate.  Cover crops improve soil health over time by reducing erosion and increasing water infiltration and retention and the mulch provided by cover crops can conserve soil moisture resulting in reducing crop stress during periods of drought.


Sara McMillan

Department of Agricultural And Biological Engineering

Research Interests: Hydrology and biogeochemistry of urban and agricultural aquatic systems; ecosystem restoration to mitigation impacts from changing climate and land use practices


Rick Meilan

Department of Forestry And Natural Resources

765 49-62287

Research Interests: Work to improve the utility of trees, poplars as a bioenergy crop—including efforts to insert into poplar genes that affect cell-wall properties (e.g., lignin content and composition, and cellulose configuration); water-use efficiency.


Dev Niyogi

Departments of Agronomy and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests: Focus is to understand the dynamic role of coupled land surface processes on weather and regional climate at multiple scales

1 765 49-46574


Aaron Patton

Department of Agronomy

Research Interests: Managing quality lawn, golf, and sports turf while reducing management inputs and evaluation of turfgrass species for carbon sequestration

765 49-49737


Bryan Pijanowski

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

Research Interests: Land-climate-people interactions, climate adaptation, land-climate-hydrologic dynamics, uncertainty, soundscape ecology

765 49-62215


Paul Preckel

Department of Agricultural Economics

Research Interests: Electric power sector emissions policy, agricultural land use

765 49-44240


Linda Prokopy

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

765 49-62221

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Research Interests: Understanding how to encourage more people to become engaged in environmentally friendly behaviors, with a special emphasis on the agricultural community. Social dimensions of both adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change


Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

Department of Agricultural Economics

Research Interests: Sub-Saharan Africa, food security, vulnerability, adaptation, behavioral modeling


Juan Sesmero

Department of Agricultural Economics

Research Interests: Climate adaptation, land use change, economics of biofuels, water-energy trade-offs, energy economics


Guofan Shao

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

765 49-43630

Research Interests: Understanding forest responses to climate change and improving forest carbon sequestration through sustainable forest management


Gerald Shively

Department of Agricultural Economics

765 49-44218

Research Interests: Economic implications of climate change and adaptation in low-income agriculture


Shweta Singh

Departments of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Research Interests: Impact on resource flows and consumption pattern change, urban responses to climate change, and impact of climate change on nitrogen biogeochemical cycling


Ron Turco


765 49-48077

Research Interests: Soil biology and N2O formation, carbon sequestration in agricultural systems, large data sets, water-food-energy-climate nexus


Wally Tyner

Agricultural Economics

765 49-40199

Research Interests: Agriculture, biofuels, renewable energy, policy


Dominique Van Der Mensbrugghe

Agricultural Economics

765 49-60076

Research Interests: Focused on developing economies and particularly on the potential economic impacts from climate change—such as on crop yields, sea-level rise, health, etc.


Tony Vyn

Department of agronomy

765 49-63757​

Research Interests: Corn, Soybean and environmental responses to integrated cropping systems that are potentially more stress-resilient


Jeff Volenec


765 49-48071

Research Interests: Physiological and biochemical mechanisms influencing growth and stress tolerance of plant species used for livestock feed and biofuels


Pat Zollner

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

765 49-69495

Research Interests: Mechanistic modelling of animal movements in response to climate change and other anthropogenic impacts upon wildlife species




Steve Cain

EDEN Homeland Security Project Director AGAD Room 207
615 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47923




Interested in starting a National EDEN Issue Leadership team to address climate change issues. EDEN deals with disaster issues, community capacity building and risk management.






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