North Central Regional Climate Activities and Directory
North Central Regional Climate Activities and Directory

North Dakota (Northern Plains Hub Area)


Adnan Akyuz

North Dakota State Climatologist, North Dakota State University
NDSU Dept 7680
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050


Project Title: Adaptation of agroecosystems to climate change at the edge of the U.S. Cornbelt (AFRI)


Project Objectives:

  1. Characterize spatial and temporal patterns in climate change relevant to agriculture across the Dakotas
  2. Develop methodologies to discern shifts in the location of different agricultural production systems and land uses in the Dakotas.
  3. Using information gleaned from Objectives 1 and 2, we will target surveys to land users in areas assessed as sensitive to agricultural production changes to solicit information on
    • recent and long-range projected production patterns,
    • motives for recent and projected production choices,
    • personal views on the evolution of agricultural production in the locality, and
    • perspectives on adaptation strategies and policies.
  4. Set up a spatially explicit modeling framework to assess climate and other driving factors behind the adoption of ‘new’ production systems; focusing on the role of the factors as components of an integrated network of infrastructure.
  5. Apply inferences drawn from Objectives 1 through 4 above to project the evolution of production systems under alternative climate scenarios and to assess outcomes from 2 alternative adaptation strategies.

I am also the director of the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network that is comprised of 78 automated weather stations scattered across the state and its neighbors in MN and MT (


The NDAWN network assists the area growers with crop specific decision support tools (


We provide near-real time weather for the state at 78 locations (


Our 2009 research on Corn GDD trends in the US was translated in the following web tool:




Adrian Biewer

Box 6050 Dept7280
Fargo, ND 58108


4-H, School enrichment


David Ripplinger

PO Box 6050 Dept 7610
Fargo, ND 58108


David Ripplinger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of
Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University and
the state’s bioenergy and bioproducts economist. In this role, David
conducts research and provides support to farmers and the bioenergy


Charlie Stoltenow

ANR Program Leader and ND Contact to NP HUB
Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources
North Dakota State University
Morrill Hall, Suite 309
Dept 7060, PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050



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